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SUMMER 2020 Animal Tales Rainey and Storm
A Brighter Future for Rainey and Storm
Rainey and Storm came to Northeast Animal Shelter in the wake of a tragedy. Their family's home in Georgia burned to the ground — but not before these canine sisters bravely saved the lives of their loved ones by alerting them that something was very, very wrong — even before the smoke alarms started to go off.
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Kona and her kittens
Kona and Her Kittens
While we were all sheltering in place, a young cat named Kona sought refuge in an abandoned house, along with her mother and three littermates. By the time they were discovered and rescued, it was clear that Kona was pregnant and needed a quiet, safe place to prepare for her kittens.
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Quarantine Foster Heroes
Quarantine Foster Heroes
When the Shelter chose to close in March, we had more than 100 pets in our care and needed to find them more comfortable and nurturing places to stay. Without hesitation, our amazing foster volunteers stepped up — opening their hearts and homes to our cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies and providing them with the very best of care while they remained in quarantine.
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Our New Southeast Transport Hub
Saving Homeless Pets Across America — NEAS's lifesaving transport program — is at the heart of our mission, which is why we are excited to introduce our dedicated Southeast Transport Hub. Based out of Tennessee, the Transport Hub oversees the crucial process of pulling at-risk homeless cats and dogs from overcrowded shelters in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama and transporting them to the safety of our Shelter.
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Keeping People and Pets Together
Keeping People and Their Pets Together
Although saving homeless pets is central to our mission, NEAS recognizes that we can’t help pets without also helping the people who love them. That's why we launched the Community Pet Food Bank, which distributes donated food to members of our community in need, to help keep them and their pets together during difficult times. One of our recent recipients was a disabled veteran who was struggling to feed his eight-year-old lab, Benji.
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Featured Adoptable Pets
Hi there, I'm Bunker! I'm a friendly guy who gets along with my five (yes, five) older canine foster siblings. Also, I don't like to brag, but I walk well on the leash, am house trained, and even know basic commands like "sit," "touch," "down," and "roll over!" Will you make me part of your forever family?
Meet Bunker
Oh hello, I'm Sudu — a shy but sweet kitty who is looking for a home that will give me plenty of time to settle into my new surroundings. I'll admit I'm easily won over by treats — and will repay you with purrs, head butts, and nose boops. Can't wait to meet you!
Meet Sudu
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