Heartwarming stories to inspire you!
Sanky Donor,

Greetings! As Northeast Animal Shelter's new Executive Director, I am honored to be part of your caring community — and to share my first issue of Animal Tales! Below you'll find heartwarming stories from the past few months, and learn about opportunities to help homeless cats and dogs with special needs.

I look forward to seeing you at the Shelter and to working together to save as many homeless cats and dogs as possible!

Thanks for caring,

Bob Citrullo
Executive Director

Helping Mookie Feel More At Home
Just like people, pets are consoled by familiar things in times of despair. Nine-year old Mookie arrived at our Shelter with an unusual memento of her beloved owner — a pair of camouflage pants. You see, her owner was a military veteran who had recently passed away. So one of our wonderful volunteers turned the pants into a blanket, hoping it would provide the security Mookie needed.
Read Mookie's Full Story
Ziggy Gets a Second Chance at Life
Perhaps you heard about Ziggy, the tiny Yorkie found whimpering on the street and brought to our Shelter in need of urgent lifesaving medical care. Judging by his horrendous condition, Ziggy may have never known human kindness until the day our medical team removed the matted, knotted fur that entangled his mutilated hind leg.
Read Ziggy's Full Story
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Support Our Special Needs Program
Dixon had a heart condition that required expensive radioiodine treatment. Fortunately, a kind-hearted lady who had recently lost her cat with the same condition stepped in to help. Her act of kindness inspired us to create the Special Needs Program to help pets who need lifesaving but costly medical or other specialized attention. To donate, please contact Jamie Garabedian at jamie.g@neas.org.
Become a Medical Foster
When you're sick, there's no place like home. The same applies for our furry friends. You can help cats and dogs in need of extra care by becoming a medical foster parent. Fosters generally take an animal for an average of two weeks — and help out with everything from giving oral medications to injections, depending on your comfort level. To learn more or to become a medical foster, please email us at foster@neas.org.
Featured Adoptable Pets
This one-year-old Lab mix is incredibly sweet, goofy, and oh-so-energetic. Sammy loves to get plenty of exercise, so he'd be great for someone who runs or hikes! And if you're looking for a companion who can make you laugh every day, Sammy is your guy!
Meet Sammy
Four-year-old Thor is the most social, loving cat you'll ever meet! He's always there to greet you at the door — and if he sees your lap is empty, he will immediately jump up and take claim. Come in and see what a love he really is!
Meet Thor
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