Heather Finds a Home At Last
Heather Finds a Home At Last
Talk about a first impression! When Heather arrived at Northeast Animal Shelter, she immediately made it known that it was going to take a while for her to warm up to her new surroundings. Not only was Heather very vocal in her kennel, which didn’t endear her to potential adopters — she was not particularly fond of other dogs either, which didn't endear her to her kennel mates. Heather was continuously overlooked, and we wondered if she’d ever find her forever humans...
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A Second Chance at Love for Sweet Puddin'
It's heartbreaking when loved ones can no longer care for themselves, and even more so when they can no longer care for their pets. That was the situation facing a family whose mother had raised Puddin', a 12-year-old Himalayan show cat. When the woman was diagnosed with dementia, they reached out to Northeast Animal Shelter for help.
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Love Story: Pounce and Ginger
Seen together, you would think these two cats have known each other their whole lives — but they actually met at our Shelter! When they first arrived, these frightened kittens were totally overwhelmed and antisocial. But as soon as they were placed in a cat community room together, everything changed!
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Oriah's Journey: Sponsor an Adoption
For such a little dog, Oriah sure had a big journey! This seven-year-old Chihuahua had to travel all the way from Southern California to New England to find her forever home. Once at our Shelter, the Danny Boy Foundation reached out and generously offered to sponsor Oriah’s adoption fee! If you would like to sponsor an adoption, please contact Jenna at jenna.b@neas.org or 978-745-9888 ext. 301.
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Gertie Finds Comfort and Love In Her Final Days
Fospice, a blend of "foster" and "hospice," provides comfort and care to senior or terminally ill pets like Gertie, a local stray who was brought to NEAS barely clinging to life. Once this eight-year-old Chihuahua received the surgery she desperately needed, we looked for a medical foster home where we hoped she might recover...
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Featured Adoptable Pets
Gunner is 2 years old and smart as can be! He is happy and friendly and takes treats incredibly gently. He loves to learn, but more importantly he loves to play! This happy, energetic guy who would do great in a home that takes him for daily walks, or even daily runs!
Meet Gunner
Monkey is 2 years old. He was found in an abandoned apartment with another kitty and has been on the shyer side since coming to the Shelter. He may need a little bit of time to settle in and get to know you, but once he does, you will be so glad you found one other!
Meet Monkey
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